This is the way. RSC Tuning Development Phase - 991.2 Porsche GT3.

This is the way.  RSC Tuning Development Phase - 991.2 Porsche GT3.

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3

After 5 years of a constant painstaking R&D process, RSC Tuning and Autocouture Motoring are proud to release a new line of carbon fiber aerodynamic components for the Porsche 991.1 and 991.2 GT3.  

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3


What you are looking at is not just another aero kit but a revolution in the aftermarket automotive industry.  For the last three years RSC Tuning has tested every piece of technology; CAD (computer-aided design) software, autoclaves, material vendors, painters, paint suppliers, aerodynamics experts, race car drivers, IMSA & Indycar crew chiefs, OEM engineers, and everything possible to design the best product available.  This aero package is the culmination of that work.

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 Aero Kit


RSC Tuning started the R&D process at Autocouture Motoring in Fair Lawn NJ by scanning the 991.2 GT3 and building the CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) model to match real world experience on the 911 platform.  By utilizing aerodynamics experts, they developed a highly accurate CFD simulation based on feedback from dozens of 911 cup car teams. 

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

With the scan complete and a baseline established, RSC Tuning turned to a virtual wind tunnel. 

RSC Tuning Best Aero Kit for the Porsche GT3

After numerous simulations and design iterations, RSC Tuning started to sculpt the design around aerodynamic efficiency and create the shape in the virtual wind tunnel.

RSC Tuning Porsche R&D GT3 Aerodynamics

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 R&D


This process is unusual in our industry; the levels they went to and the technology used by RSC Tuning is not seen by your standard “Run of the Mill” parts manufacturer.  You’ll typically see other companies use a hand-held digital to CAD scanning tool to quickly gather vehicle data. Although a faster process, it limits how the design is created, how adjustments are made, and doesn’t allow for all the simulations.

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 Complete Aero Kit


The lengths RSC Tuning went through resulted in the most aesthetically functional carbon fiber aero kit available for the Porsche 991 GT3.  Autocouture Motoring was proud to be a part of this process and witness the design take shape for ourselves.  We’ve been looking forward to the release of the RSC Tuning GT3 aero kit and are ready to work with RSC again on their next project.

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

RSC Tuning Porsche GT3 Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

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