Sole Purpose

Sole Purpose: A Unique Twist on an Already Exclusive F80 M3

F80 M3 on BBS LM Wheels, an Akrapovic Exhaust, Eventuri Intake, and a KW HAS Kit


With it’s sole purpose to be a unique daily driver for the boring weekly commute, our customer ordered this Individual Fashion Grey F80 M3 6MT over Amaro Brown full leather interior last November.

Custom F80 M3 Interior in Amaro Brown.


Coming from a supercharged Alpine White on Black DCT E92 M3 daily, he was tired of the conventional color combination and lack of driver input from the DCT. His E92 M3 was on BBS LM’s and Brembo’s. With his F80 M3 he wanted to go a similar route with that same focus on quality but with an individual twist.


F80 M3 in Fashion Grey with a Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Diffuser, Akrapovic Exhaust, on BBS LM Wheels, and lowered with a KW HAS Kit.

Of course we can’t leave anything alone and friends don’t let friends drive stock. Its safe to say, things escalated rather quickly. We wanted a unique take on the BBS LM’s from their standard, factory machined finish so we had them split and polished the lips. We sent the faces out to IND to be refinished in a black chrome in order to match the IND black chrome front grills and side gills.

BMW F80 M3 on Custom BBS LM Wheels and a Brembo Big Brake Kit (BBK)


F80 M3 IND Side Gills in Black Chrome

For the Brembo’s, we were on the fence with doing the calipers completely in a Fashion Grey finish, but we didn’t feel it would do the car justice. So we decided to tie in the gorgeous Amaro interior but with a Porsche twist. The calipers were painted in a classic Carrera Brown with Fashion Grey classic lettering.

BMW F80 M3 Brembo Big Brake Kit


The headlights were blacked out by ONEighty and we added touches of Fashion Grey inside with little body color painted accents.

BMW F80 M3 in Fashion Grey lowered on a KW HAS Kit, with BBS LM Wheels, and a Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Front Lip

Wanting to maintain the EDC for its daily duties, he chose to lower the car on the KW HAS kit. An Eventuri intake in their regular carbon fiber finish fits perfectly under the hood with the factory CF strut bar.

BMW F80 M3 S55 Eventuri Intake


For the exhaust he chose Akrapovic downpipes and Akrapovic rear section, leaving the center stock, providing a clean refined sound.

F80 M3 with an Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust and a Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Diffuser


F80 M3 in Fashion Grey, Lowered on a KW HAS Kit, with BBS LM Wheels, an Akrapovic Exhaust, and a Vorsteiner Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser.

An ACM Flash Tune opens up the car’s new found power being making the most of the Akrapovic Downpipes. A Vorsteiner front lip and rear diffuser were his aero pieces of choice. To tie them in we went with PSM carbon side skirt extensions. 

F80 M3 Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Front Lip


On top of the trunk is an OEM spoiler with a Fashion Grey CRT stripe. Lastly he opted for a Rogue Engineering Octane short shift kit.  Prime example of a tastefully modded, exclusive F80 M3.

BMW F80 M3 Amaro Brown Interior


BMW F80 M3 Custom OEM Rear Carbon Fiber Spoiler.

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