Keeping it Cool with CSF and the A90 Supra

Keeping it Cool with CSF and the A90 Supra

After months of development and testing CSF is proud to announce its new high-performance all-aluminum charge cooler Front Mount Heat Exchanger upgrade for the A90 Toyota GR Supra!

Since the MKV Supra was released in 2019, A90 Supra owners have been looking for performance upgrades to unleash the full potential of the BMW-sourced B58 engine. It didn’t take long for weak points of the vehicle to become chatter across the internet, in facebook groups, and at race tracks. One of the most apparent problems and one that was quickly identified by anyone taking the car to the track: the liquid-cooled charge air cooler system would quickly heat soak. With no ability to recover, this would cause the intake air temperatures to spike, resulting in the ECU cutting the power of the vehicle and putting the Supra into limp mode.

CSF Heat Exchanger installed on the Toyota A90 Supra

CSF Engineers witnessed the overheating issues first-hand at the Global Time Attack Finals at Buttonwillow Raceway in November 2019. Several new heavily modified A90 Supras could barely go two or three laps in moderate conditions without having the car go into limp mode, forcing drivers to take a cool down lap or two, with some even coming into the pits to have their front mount heat exchangers sprayed down with cold water. Even factory-backed teams, such as HKS, were having tremendous overheating issues and would have to periodically come into the pits to spray down through the front grille.

HKS A90 Supra

Because the charge cooler is built into the manifold, it’s extremely difficult to replace with a high-performance solution. The only solution to keeping intake air temperatures in control on a modified Supra is to upgrade with the CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger.

CSF Part# 8154 installed on a GR Supra

During testing, the CSF Development Team discovered that intake air temperatures remained consistently 10-15°F lower compared to the OEM heat exchanger and seeing a maximum temperature reduction of 40°F between the CSF and OEM heat exchanger. Most importantly, the test Supra was able to stay on the track longer. Another added benefit was the increased airflow: with CSF’s heat exchanger installed, the increased airflow to the rest of the cooling system allowed for both lower water and oil temperatures.

Eventuri Supra

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