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At AutoCouture Motoring, we only sell the highest quality products; that’s why we love Eventuri, a top of the line company founded by people who share the same passion for cars and performance that we do. Eventuri takes it to the next level when it comes to intake design and technology. Their products are developed using cutting edge technology and top quality materials. 


Founded by engineers and enthusiasts with a background in Aeronautics and tuning, Eventuri developed extensive design, testing and prototyping methods focused on volumetric airflow, intake temperature, extensive dynamometer testing and using only the best materials.


They are also committed to providing and publishing real gains and all development information to show what goes into Eventuri products and what consumers can expect with the products.


We sell a large collection of Eventuri performance products ranging from carbon fiber intake systems, carbon turbo inlet sets, carbon charge pipe sets, carbon inlet systems, to carbon fiber engine covers to air filters. Eventuri products are available for all car brands that we service, including BMW, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes and Toyota. If there is an Eventuri product you need for your car, chances are, we have it, or can get it for you.


Eventuri has two products in their lineup which are great additions for those in our audience that have a BMW F90 M5.


The second version design of the Eventuri BMW F90 M5 V2 Carbon Intake System is now available. Acceleration from 60-130mph is reduced by 0.22 seconds over the stock system. The gains are from a combination of reasons:


- Features a larger inlet tube, the volume allows the turbos to work with less drag.
- The Venturi housings provide a smooth transition from the filter to the intake tube keeping airflow laminar.
- The large front scoops force ambient air into the intakes keeping the IATs low.

     Eventuri BMW F90 M5 V2 Carbon Intake System


    Another optimization made to the product was to increase the inlet tube cross-sectional area by over 30% compared to the stock intake as it feeds through the openings in the strut braces. This allows the turbos to work more with less restriction and reduce the waste-gate duty cycles.

     Eventuri BMW F90 M5 V2 Carbon Intake System Air Flow


    Eventuri's recently released inlets complement the already potent F90 M5 Eventuri Intake. 

    Acceleration from 60-130mph is reduced by 0.12 seconds with the Eventuri BMW F90 M5 Carbon Turbo Inlet Set.

     Eventuri BMW F90 M5 Carbon Turbo Inlet Set


    These carbon inlets have a larger volume than the stock inlets by maintaining a larger diameter all the way to the turbos. The stock inlets narrow after the connection to the intake, creating restriction that is especially noticeable at higher boost levels. Eventuri has reduced this restriction and designed the curvature to be smoother, allowing the turbos to reach peak boost sooner. 


    Eventuri BMW F90 M5 Carbon Turbo Inlet Set


    Both of these Eventuri products are created from high temperature prepreg carbon fiber and assembled to the highest standards. Performance tested for real gains, these products will increase the performance of your BMW F90 M5.


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