All About Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Our customers often come to us requesting the application of Paint Protection Film (PPF) to their exotic vehicles, so we figured it would be a good time to educate our readers on the importance of PPF.

What is PPF? Paint Protection Films go by several names in the automotive industry, however PPF is the most commonly used term. You may also hear, Clear Bra, Invisible Shield, Rock Chip Protection or Clear Mask to reference Automotive Protective Films. 


BMW X6M PPF front


Vehicles are constantly driven through multiple environments, varying road conditions and other factors, which can cause paint to chip and scratch. Keeping our customers' vehicles running perfectly is always top of mind and we don’t want to overlook the exterior care of these exotics. PPF is the best defense available to protect your vehicle from the elements and ever changing road conditions, by offering high impact resistance against chips and scratches.




PPF is made of urethane film, which is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants, offering protection from bugs, bird droppings and even acid rain. Another amazing element of PPF is that it will protect paint from fading caused by UV rays and will not oxidize from sun exposure. Made up of elastomeric polymers, PPF will return to its natural state after being damaged, by absorbing the damage, then returning to the same as it was before the damage occurred. It’s like the Elastigirl of vehicle paint protection.  


PPF before and after 

Paint Protection Film can be applied to your entire vehicle, protecting it for years to come, while keeping a beautiful glossy finish. PPF will even lighten the cleaning of your vehicle, with built-in properties that repel dust and light dirt and will even protect the paint from harsh automotive cleaning chemicals. 


Adding PPF to your vehicle is not only worth the investment, but will keep your exotic vehicle looking its best! 


Spyder PPF


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